Writing Excuses

What do you do when you run out of excuses?

I want to be a writer but…

There are so many reasons not to write. Time, money, distractions and hundreds of other minor procrastinations keep us from doing what we want to do. Or do we? I’m talking about me here. I don’t know about you. These reasons not to write are not right.

Nothing but myself is stopping me. Oh yes, there will be sacrifices. There will be problems and conflicts and all that shit. If I want to write, then I should write and accept the consequences.

For me though, I need a plan. I need to know there will be an outcome. Doesn’t matter if that outcome is good or bad, but there must be a goal.

Here I get into a sticky bit. I’m learning that I should never talk about my work in progress (WIP), because it is always changing and people think I lied to them when I told them about three revisions ago. So no details.

However, thinking this all through has given me a plan, not only for this project, but for the next few as well. This is good. Now I just have to internally justify spending more time on writing.

In the last month I’ve gone from half an hour to a full hour. Now it’s time to add another half hour, but what do i give up? I do many things during the day that I don’t “need” to do, but enjoy.

Maybe I could do what I do but cut out five minutes here and there. That sounds so easy and logical. Of course I don’t believe any of it. To my detriment, I’m a list maker. If I’m going to add to my writing time, piecemeal just won’t do.

Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.