Who wouldn’t want an indycar?

old indycarSeriously, who wouldn’t want an Indycar?

OK, maybe an Indycar isn’t the most practical of vehicles, but I don’t think there is a serious motorhead anywhere who doesn’t secretly lust after these.

While most of us have come to terms with the fact that we will never race in the Indy 500, eBay listings like this tend to stir the possibilities. For the price of a nice Corvette and a vintage racing license the ones with more money than I could actually race an Indycar.

This past year I did a half day racing school driving a Dodge Neon powered formula car. It was one of the highlights of my motoring life. The thrill of driving the car pictured above would put me into a coma.

See G-Force Racecar on eBay

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Author: Tom
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