Word Blobs - Isolation

urban decay

I am lost. I’ve isolated myself from my friends and family. Yet, I yearn to be with people. Only, those people are strangers. Strangers are easier than friends. No expectations. No past baggage.

On a daily basis I simulate having a social life through social media. When push comes to shove these people are not my friends, but they are people I talk to, have shared interests with. I like them, to a point.

The difference between friends and strangers is expectation. Friends expect things from you and you expect things from them. All, colored by previous interactions and feelings. This carries a lot of weight.

I expect nothing from strangers, and they expect nothing from me. It’s nice and simple.

The problem is that strangers are temporary, and the interactions are limited. I need more. That means friends. The problem is that I have trouble with distant relationships. Out of sight, out of mind.

I keep thinking that I’ll have friends when I settle down. When will that be? I don’t know.