Wonderful Fauxgatti on eBay


fauxgattiThe Fauxgatti holds a unique place in the automotive universe.

While so many VW-based kit cars are sad water-down duplicates of the cars of the gods, most achieve their looks by piling on fiberglass abutments.

The Fauxgatti however stays true to it’s ghost parent by remaining stripped to the core. There are no accommodations to luxury let alone comfort. It’s sort of the VW kit car version of the Lotus 7.

So while it doesn’t have the performance of the original, it does maintain the spirit, without having to orally satisfy Donald Trump to afford it. And for most people, particularly those who have never driven a real Bugatti, the performance and/or funness of driving this car will leave nothing to want for.

With just under four days to go the current bid is $3500 with the reserve unmet. Value is an elusive target with this kind of vehicle. Is the seller trying to recover what they spent or what they wish it was worth?

The great thing about auctions is that the group decides what it’s worth. If that doesn’t match the seller’s belief, no sale, life goes on.


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Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.