Vintage motorwheel kit vehicle on eBay

The motorwheel was invented to push vehicles from the 19th century into the 20th.

It powered buckboards, bicycles and all sorts of formerly horse-drawn contraptions. Some time later some bright person with no care for for the safety of his customers sold plans for a motorwheel powered black hole of a vehicle.

If you think I’m being harsh, take a look at the pictures attached to the listing. See if you can find anything resembling brakes. Notice that there is no throttle. While I will give the steering mechanism the benefit of the doubt in its current condition, imagine the impact just a little bit of dirt and rust might have.

Unfortunately all the problems listed above are exactly why this car is so valuable. A glorious example of America’s DIY motorized mentality. The fact that the plans are available with the car makes it even more collectible.

Unfortunately, the seller’s opinion of the value is even more inflated than mine. The opening bid of $5500 for some plywood and a motor is scaring the potential buyers away. It may be worth that much, but nobody is going to jump on at that level. As evidenced by the fact that it’s been relisted a couple times with no sale.

See full listing: Single Seat Buckboard

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Author: Tom
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