Vintage Bikes In Buffalo (via The Buffalo News)

New display at the Pierce-Arrow Museum in Buffalo

bikes in BuffaloFor nearly half a century, no one has seen the vintage bicycles and rare bike memorabilia that Jim and Mary Ann Sandoro collected.

That changes Saturday. When the museum at 263 Michigan Ave. displays the couple’s bicycle collection. Including the bikes they purchased in 2013 from the former Pedaling History Museum in Orchard Park.

“We have been collecting bicycles and bicycle memorabilia for nearly half a century,” Jim Sandoro said. “With the acquisition of the Carl and Clary Burgwardt collection, we can finally put it on display for all to see.”

The Sandoros founded and built the Buffalo Transportation/Pierce-Arrow Museum. Its focus has been on automobiles. And more recently, the Frank Lloyd Wright Filling Station.

Source: The Buffalo News

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