Vintage 1960s Dodge Drivers Education Car

drivers education carThere’s nostalgia, then there’s “Oh yes, I need a drivers education car!”

If I had a man cave, rec room or even a half-decent garage I too would need a drivers education car. It’s like a game console from an alternate universe. An educational carnival ride. A Kodak moment looking for a home.

Unfortunately I grew to driverhood when these beauties had long since been proven useless but before advances in technology fulfilled their potential. Gone are the projection screens and rivers of wires and relays which punished non-conformists teens by flashing red lights at them.

The modern equivalent is much more advanced but has zero personality. Take a look at the pictures in the full listing. This is a work of automotive art. I also found a nice page on Pinterest showing vintage driver ed photos.

See the full listing: Mecum Auctions

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Author: Tom
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