The ultimate ZEV (Zombie Elimination Vehicle)

The Zombie Elimination Vehicle is ready to kick ass.

Zombie Elimination VehicleI so wish that zombies were real so I had an excuse to buy this truck, trick it out and go thin the herds of living dead wandering the highways.

My bizarre fantasies aside, this is a cool old truck. It’s an REO, though I don’t believe that it’s a Speedwagon.

It has a monster winch on the front and what looks like a tow bar in the back. This truck did not live a pampered life. The interior is equally well used.

Speaking of the interior, you have to click the link and look at all the pictures. The picture looking in through the open driver’s door is what made me fall totally in love with this truck.

Also check out the pix of the dashboard and find the diagram of the shift pattern. If you’re enough of a car geek it will be worth it.

Oh yeah, it’s not running but it’s a straight six so some WD40 and a sledge hammer should be enough to get it going again. The seller states that it was running when parked, which is of course a logically null statement.

With four days to go the current bid is $685.75 with the reserve not met.

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Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.