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A Maserati for the motorhead masses

Maserati BiturboNot every Maserati is the stuff of legends. Once upon a time they built a car that was designed to compete with the lesser cars of the world. If you can call a BMW M3 a lesser car.

On the surface it sounds like a mighty machine. A twin-turbo V-6 with many valves per cylinder. Mighty when running that is. According to several reviews the running part was the problem.

On the other hand, we may be dealing with a matter of perception. The Biturbo was released just before Maserati pulled out of the American market. Many blame the poor quality of the car as the reason, but it all may be an economic coincidence.

All that aside the Biturbo is the stuff of dreams for us bottom feeders. It’s poor reputation keeps prices low and a variety of after-market parts, and decades of development, easily alter its short-comings.

So here we have an example sitting in a salvage yard in Illinois. The heart races. Apparently is was too nice to set to pasture. The current bid is $1647 with 4.5 days to go and reserve not met. Imagine a Maserati for under $2000? Neither can I. I’m sure the bid will rise but will stay well below the prices normally associated with the name Maserati.

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