Tow Week – Riding

Lots of Riding

I rode more this week than most months so far this year. We’re definitely having riding weather.  After last weeks non-riding days due to tendonitis I dropped way down in the National Bike Challenge rankings. With Today’s ride I’m up to 27th for San Francisco.

Random Thoughts

A defining characteristic: in my spare time I read car magazines from 1905.

Now is the Winter of our dysentery. Release the kraken!

The grammarian in me is having a hard time with people’s constant misuse of the word ridiculous.

Creating weird art out of breakfast foods is called cerealism.

I’m a fan of milder violence so I watch the Penultimate Fighting Championship.

I start writing at 11:55PM and finish at 12:05AM. That way I can write for two days in a row in only ten minutes.

All my favorite writers are dead. What does that say about me?

My soul drinks Mexican orange soda at the dark cabaret.

A job?

Got back from the long RV trip to find email and voicemail regarding what sounds like a good job. Just when I got my brain comfortable with the idea of moving this happens. What is the universe telling me?

Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.