Tom’s Novels

The state of Tom’s Novels address.

Novel 1: Broke Down on the Road to Glory

Self-published. I love this book, but it’s the kind of love I can’t recommend to others. Like a really bad movie that you still love despite all its flaws.

Novel 2: Unrealistic Expectations

Abandoned. Written for Novel in a Month. Countless rewrites but never found a story I wanted to tell. I expect I’ll use some parts of this in a later project. It has some great scenes, just no reason for those scenes to exist.

Novel 3: Untitled

Also abandoned. Many false starts but you can tell from the fact that it never earned a title that I never got a grasp on what I was trying to do. I think I was trying too hard to make a story for other people and not myself.

Novel 4: Remnants of Emily (Current Project)

I’ve had this idea for a while. Emily is the humanization and fictionalization of the life of a dog we once had. Her name was Emily and she was the ultimate crotchety old lady dog. The fictional Emily has a tough life, starting from the opening scene of her birth which is full of violence, drugs and an army of tiny nurse nuns. I think it’s a comedy.

Non-fiction: Assorted, on-going

I’m writing lots of blog posts lately on a variety of topics. Mostly trying to show off for potential employers. Now that I’m working on the Emily novel I don’t think I’ll as much time/energy for the blogs.

External Factors

Most of my energy is going towards the job hunt and learning new skills to improve my employability. I feel like I’m going to get a job soon and when I do I will switch all my job hunting energy into my writing. (If the new job isn’t too tiring.)

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