Tom Week – productivity and a rash

Productivity Overdrive

I got so much done today I feel like I’m in productivity overdrive. I rode my bike. I’m taking three online classes. I got a bunch of writing done. Plus a pile of research on home repair stuff.

eBaby Bye Bye

I took the eBaby to Goodwill today. eBaby is the bike I built piece by piece from parts I bought off eBay. It was the hot rod I’ve always wanted to build. While a definite frankenbike, it turned out to be a very light and fast bike. Giving it away was much harder than I thought. It was loosing a child. I actually cried.

Holy Motors

The San Francisco Public Library has connected with a movie site called Kanopy. It has many of the bizarre movies I’ve always wanted to see, plus many I’ve never heard of. I decided to start with an unknown called HOLY MOTORS. A very French surrealist movie about…I’m not quite sure.

The film follows an “actor” through his day of “appointments.” These appointments are real-world scenes played out without camera or audience. The characters he plays range from mundane to bizarre to bestial. He’s ferried to these appointments in a white stretch limo full of costumes and props.

This is one of those movies that you could spend a lifetime trying to understand. However, like learning how a magic trick works, it may be better not to know. The truth behind the fantasy may be nothing more than a sad little man pulling the strings behind a curtain.

The Mystery Rash

I was installing a water heater blanket, with fiberglass insulation, and got covered with an itchy rash. The arms cleared up after a few hours but I have this red blotch on my neck that looks like a cat scratched me. It’s still there a day later. It’s a little less red and itchy but still scary looking.

I looked up rash pictures on Google. Do not do this after eating. I narrowed it down to an allergic reaction inflaming my arteries, or lupus. When I was 25 I would be like, if doesn’t clear up in a week maybe I’ll call the doctor. Now, at 56, I’m like, Oh my God I have lupus!

Fortunately I have no other symptoms of lupus. So I’m going with allergic reaction.

Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.