Tom Week - Yarn And Lights

neon ray gun

11/23/23 – Happy Thanksgiving
Having minimal cooking equipment we had to settle for turkey sandwiches. They were good though.

Now that the stress of not knowing what was wrong with the RV, I have to deal with the stress of sitting around and waiting for a week. Ah well, not the worst thing to have to worry about.

11/24/23 – The Great Yarn Hunt
How can there be so many thrift stores that have no yarn? I’m shocked. Yes. Walmart has yarn, but it’s black Friday, so we’re not going anywhere near there today.

Then I got to do laundry. The best part was that the lady who worked there had to kick the vending machine whenever anybody wanted a candy bar.

11/25/23 – Yarn Day
We went to Walmart today and Pat got a pile of yarn. It wasn’t too crowded.

11/26/23 – Lazy Day
Today was a lazy day. Watched TV. Took a nap. Wrote a computer program to identify files that need to be replaced if the Publii static site generator fails to sync properly. Ho hum.

11/27/23 – Beaver Moon
Lat night I watched the full moon out over the ocean. I thought of all the people who were also watching this same moon, and wondered home many of them I knew. Seventeen. I know seventeen of them.

11/28/23 – Christmas Lights
Went to North Myrtle Beach tonight to see a huge display of Christmas lights. Definitely worth the trip.   

11/29/23 – Crap
It’s going to be another week waiting for parts for the RV. Sad.