Tom Week – Wyoming To South Dakota

9/23/20 – Gillette Wyoming

Wyoming? Wy not oming?

We’re back in the big city. Well, bigger. Gillette has a whole 10,000 people. For reference, that’s half the size of Gardner, MA.

We are at the Green Tree’s Crazy Woman Campground. It’s a cash only, put the money in the slot in the wall, never meet the manager kind of campground. I love places like this, and if all else fails, we are pretty much in the back yard of the local hospital.

9/24/20 – Crazy Woman Days

I realized today that the Green Tree in the name of the park is singular. Meaning that some person or group of persons identifies as “Green Tree.” And this “Green Tree” owns a campground called “Crazy Woman.” These are the things I think about.

9/25/20 – Spearfish, South Dakota

This is our first time in South Dakota in an RV. We are in the nicest city park campground in the country. Big sites, full hookups, a stream right in front of us and a bike path across the road.

And everyone here wears masks.

9/26/20 – Fall in SD

Yes, it’s still September, but it’s the height of foliage season here in Spearfish. All the trees are bright yellow. The wind today blew many of them to the ground. I can feel the fall in my bones. Time to head south I think.

9/27/20 – Wall Drugs

No, Wall Drugs are not little pills Trump hands out to his lackeys. Actually Wall Drugs has been a tourist attraction since the 1930’s. It takes up two-thirds of downtown Wall South Dakota. Their signs and billboards clutter the plains states. Funny, when I first heard the phrase plain states, I thought it meant that the states were boring.

9/27/20 – Giant Rodents

Went to the Wall Drug Store today and bought what is probably my favorite t-shirt ever. (and donuts!) I also took pictures of two giant rabbits and an even gianter jackalope. I love being a tourist.

9/28/20 – Into The Wind

We’re having a one day heat wave today so I had to go for a bike ride. Tomorrow it will be 60 again. I managed 11.5 miles despite the 30mph wind gusts. Today’s ride put me at 150 miles for the month and 1124 miles for the year, making this my best year ever. With three months left to go.


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