Tom Week – Write-o-rama


Listening to VNV Nation as I write. Love these guys.

The writing is going well. Like the arrogant DIY-intesive idiot I am I’ve never been much one for “workshopping” my writing with other writers. But I’ve gotten such good feedback from the writing twittterverse that I’ve seen clear improvement in my idea formation and execution.

One problem has always been that I didn’t like most other writers I knew. On twitter though there are so many writers that you organically gather by style and interest.

And rather than a formal process, which I’ve always hated, it’s a matter of likes and retweets. So if your story gets way fewer likes you know something went wrong. Then there are replies which point out specifics when they are exceptional.

There is way more support than criticism.


The Thanksgiving trip to frozen north was a success. I feared returning to my parent’s home, but the memories were soft and welcoming. I love seeing my family for short periods like this.

My brother-in-law picked me up at the airport. It was nice to talk to him away from the others. We don’t often get the opportunity.

Good meal, lots of food. Wound up sleeping on my sister’s couch. It’s weird. I’m 57 years old and it still seems normal to me to sleep on couches.

To get to the Providence airport today I had to:

Take the train from Worcester to Boston
Take the train from Boston to Providence
Take a taxi from downtown Providence out to the airport

And despite all that, I enjoyed it. I’m just not normal.

The best thing about the trip was coming back home to the RV.


Last night was my first night spending more time writing. I put all my “novel” notes and bits into a single document. I have quotes around novel because I don’t think this story will expand all that much. I think it will end up as a novella or a long short story. I guess I have to start using WIP which means “Work In Progress.”

It’s currently 2,200 words but I expect it to expand 10 to 1. That would make it about 20,000 words when finished. We’ll see.

A day later it’s down to 1700 words. Many of my notes are proving unworthy. Biggest reveal; there is no antagonist. Big miss on my part.


Today I hit 500 followers. I hope I never get tired of this. I’m as excited now as I was when I hit 50 followers. Each milestone is another step towards creating an audience. I have no goals for followers. Just all I can get. All the people who want to read what I’ve written. I thank them all.


I find that I’m enjoying the discovery of new places more than places we’ve gone to on purpose. In mega-tourist areas there are too many people and generic tourist stuff to do. It gets boring after a while.

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