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The Worry Matrix

I worry too much. I worry about worrying too much. Symptom upon symptom, layer after layer. Trying to solve the unsolvable.

The problem is that I’ve been doing a lot of computer programming lately. On the computer, problems are solvable. In real life, not so much. What we have here is the complex relationship between; my social anxiety, my need to socialize, my latent alcoholism, my guilt at leaving the sick ones at home and a pile of other selfish and embarrassing emotions.

Ultimately I’ve decided that I need to just let it all go. Easier said than done. I’ve been telling myself that for decades but have only ever managed a temporary truce.

Black Sunday (1960)

Barbara Steele! Directed and photographed by Mario Bava. Typical witch burning curses family and returns to seek revenge movie, with some notable improvements.

The application of the Satan death mask is gruesome. This scene was cut from the original American release. It caused the movie to be banned in England. It isn’t just gore for gore’s sake though. It demonstrates the evil of the witch versus the brutality of the inquisition.

The witch’s tomb is also a wonderful device. Above her face is a window. Next to that window is a cross. The idea being that having to stare at the cross for all eternity will keep her soul from escaping. Great idea until the stupid tourist knocks off the cross while battling a giant bat.

And, of course, Barbara Steele! She plays the evil witch and the innocent ancestor. Genius.

Photo by bavatuesdays

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