Tom Week - Work And Baseball

big bobble head

6/16/22 – Work To Do

Now that I’m feeling better, there is work to do. On Monday I get started on all the stuff that the RV needs done. Today I rendered my next animation. All the parts are there. I just have to edit them together. I’m also planning ever-longer bike rides. Though I skipped riding today at the request of my legs.

6/17/22 – Rain Cycling

I went for a bike ride today. It was nice and sunny. I headed south down route 12. At 6 miles I stopped for a drink and happened to look behind me. Big dark nasty clouds were zooming in on me. I headed home but it was too late. I spent the whole ride back getting rained on.

6/18/22 – Baseball!

All the siblings made it to the baseball game. Lots of fun. Not the baseball game, that was boring as hell. It was fun to talk to the brothers and sisters and their progeny. The Woo Sox lost to the Toledo Mud Hens.

6/19/22 – Race Cars

I watch the Canadian Grand Prix today. It was actually a good race, rather than the usual parade. The rain-soaked qualifying had some of the slow cars near the front. Made thing interesting. Poor Mick Schumacher was having a very good race when his car died though. Sad.

6/20/22 – Pay Attention

I am definitely not good at paying attention to the feelings of others. I’m sorry.

6/21/22 – Thinking Day

Today I laid in bed for a while to think things through. I solved nothing.

Pat was cactus lady today.

6/22/22 – Rainy Day

The sun finally came out late this afternoon. Dreary stuff, but I got some work done. 

Tonya is coughing less today. That’s a relief.