Tom Week – Worcester to The Land of Moss

7/26/19 – In Worcester

We’ve parked the RV in a lot of different places. This is our first alley. Only in Worcester. (AKA Wormtown)

We spent the day at my sister’s. Taking real showers and watching real cable TV. The lap of luxury.

7/27/19 – Laundry Day

We spent most of the day doing my sister’s laundry. I did get in a bike ride though. I found a round with nice wide bike lanes and it coincidentally took me past the cemetery where my parents are buried. I’m not big on cemeteries, but it was right there so I stopped.

I went to Ralph’s tonight. Whenever I come to Worcester I have to go there to remind myself how old I’ve become.

7/28/19 – Tired Morning

Helped Ann pump up some tires this morning. Then Pat and Tonya and I went to lunch and shopping at WalMart. That’s about it.

7/29/19 – And I Helped

Helped my sister move some stuff around in her old warehouse so the movers can come and move it to the new warehouse.

7/30/19 – Into The Woods

We are in Phillipston MA in a heavily-wooded campground. It’s called Lamb City but we’ve seen no sheep. It’s very relaxing. (And there’s a pool across the road.)

7/31/19 – Relaxiland

Woke up at 10. Too lazy for a bike ride. Tonya and I went to the pool for a while. Then the thunder came. Had a good nap. My goal is to be awake less than 12 hours today.

We are in the kind of woods that kill boy scouts. The moss covers both sides of the trees and when it’s over cast you have no idea which way is which.

8/1/19 – The Hills, The Hills

Went for a bike ride today. For once Google Maps was pretty close distance-wise, but was once again way off elevation-wise. Instead of just over 300 feet of climbing I did 964 feet. Had a good nap afterwards.


abigail on the couch
Abigail loves her aunties’ couch.
Made some new friends on my bike ride.
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