Tom Week - Winter

Tom and dog on beach

1/20/22 – Temporarily Warm

Just for today I’m afraid. Tonight it rains and then it’s cold again. Cold for a while. I’m giving up at chasing good weather. Into the weather void and hope for the best.

It was warm enough to ride my bike today. Woo!

1/21/22 – Long Day

We left Starke this morning. Drove east to Green Cove Springs to pick up our mail. Drove north to Jacksonville to get dog food. Drove west to Lake City to get cheap gas. Drove southwest to Perry. Shopped at Walmart. They didn’t have everything so we then went to Winn-Dixie. They had the rest. Then to the park. Seven hours total. I’m tired.

1/22/22 – Cold And Rainy

But not as cold as the weatherman said. Just as rainy, but not as cold. Despite the rain the smoke monsters are out in force. They insist on going outside and starting fires, then go back inside and watch the fires through their windows. Such a life.

Why is it so hard for the SyFy channel to set a normal volume for the Harry Potter movies. Everyone is either whispering or the music is blaring. I want to know.

1/23/22 – Winter

There was sun today, but not much warmth. One more sub-freezing night tonight, then a few days of slightly warmer weather.

The cold is warping my brain. I’m actually watching football. Got to see the 49ers come from behind to win at the last second last night. Today I found myself almost cheering for Tom Brady and Tampa Bay, but am not saddened by their loss. 

1/24/22 – Camping Wrong

You’d think after all this time on the road I’d know how to park at an RV campground. The problem is that I paid the extra $4 a night for an ocean view site, but when we got here it turns out that such a spot faces away from the ocean. Not a good plan.

So, instead of backing in to the spot, I pulled straight in. I was still able to hook up everything even though the connections are on the wrong side. No problem.

An hour later I get a call from the office saying that I was parked wrong and would have to turn around. I made my case and she said she’s ask the manager. An hour after that she called me back saying the manager was OK with it as long as the neighbors didn’t complain. I thought I had OCD.

1/25/22 – Rainy Day Bay

Well, gulfs are like bays. It’s rained almost all day and will rain almost all night. At least the view is good. So far, nobody else has complained about us being parked wrong, so I think we’ll be OK.

1/26/22 – Tiny Bit Of Warm

It passed 60 today and all the campers emerged from their tin can caves. Next door guy cleaned out his bins. New Jersey Todd and his son went fishing. The dog people walked into the woods and came back muddy and smiling. The rock collector, collected rocks. I went for a bike ride. It was nice.