Tom Week – Winn-Dixie and More

3/5/20 – Storms Missed US

Yesterday the news spoke of thunderstorms and tornadoes. Today we got some rain but nothing else. Sometimes I’m glad the weatherman is wrong.

3/6/20 – Stone’s Throw

We are camped just off a highway on-ramp in a funky redneck town. Our stop at the local Winn-Dixie was an adventure in characters. I can’t begin to imagine what the Piggy Wiggly was like.

3/7/20 – Cold Again

Today in the fifties. Two days from now it will be in the eighties. It would almost be better if it stayed cool for a while. Almost.

Oh yeah, Ted Turner lives in this town in a huge mansion down an unmarked road. OK, I made up the road part, but Ted really does live here.

3/8/20 – Stay N Go

We are in a funky little RV park that’s only three months old. They have a way to go but it’s going to be nice. It’s a short walk to a bunch of restaurants. Very convenient. When we pulled in the couple that runs the park were busy, so they told us to park anywhere and they’d catch us later. Love that laid-back attitude.

3/9/20 – Bike Lane Lottery

Went for a bike ride today. According to Google maps my route was “bike friendly.” It was not. At some points there were some wonderful bike lanes. Then they would go away without warning. For much of the ride I had to share the road with very heavy traffic.

Pat is my hero. The people across the way from us were leaving their dog out all day. Pat emailed the park and after a while a guy came and made them take the dog in.

3/10/20 – We’re Doomed

I thought I had lucked out. A state park with plenty of available spaces right on a lake. Oh what a fool I was. One bar on the cell phones means no WIFI. The TV finds no channels. The radio finds no stations. As the sun set a heavy mist formed over the lake. The clouds are blocking the moon. We are in total darkness. Total isolation.

3/11/20 – Canadians in an Airstream

Our new neighbors are very nice, are from Canada, and have an Airstream trailer. Oh yeah, and a nice big dog.

Took a bike ride through the swampland. You can tell we’re almost out of Florida. There are hills all over the place. I road over to the other side of the lake to take a picture of The Big Yellow Truck but the Airstream was in the way.


Author: Tom
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