Tom Week - Weather Run

campground sign

6/15/23 – I tried
I finally got around to trying to wire the air conditioner. Doesn’t work. Well, I’d rather fail than never try.

6/16/23 – Little Things
Had to stop twice today because the weather stripping on the slideout is coming apart. Then, when we arrived at the RV park, the engine light came on. I have an egine code reader, but I have to remove a hunk of the dashboard to reach the port. Tomorrow.

I picked this park because it’s halfway to where I wanted to go. The WIFI doesn’t work, the TV antenna gets nothing and the cell phone signal is too weak to watch the Roku. Maybe I’ll get stuff done.

6/17/23 – Juneteenth
It wasn’t till my first year in Iowa that I ever heard of Juneteenth. You’d think some time in my previous 25 years I would have come across it. Since then I’ve discovered that there were a lot of things skipped during my white suburban education. Mostly the stuff they are now trying in Florida to sweep back under the rug. Sad.

6/18/23 – Me, stubborn, nah!
Went for a bike ride today and I wound up on this nasty gravel road. I was headed to see an old cemetery, and decided that they gravel road wasn’t too bad. Only, it was too bad. I wound up wearing myself out, then tried to find a better route back, which was just as bad, but longer. Such fun.

6/19/23 – Back To The Cats
We’re back in Jeffersonville Indiana, just across the river from Louisville. Everyone who works here recognized the yellow truck. Oh yeah, there are two cats that live on the store counter.

6/20/23 – Along The Levee
Great bike paths around here. Long, smooth and flat. I got to go through downtown New Albany.

The new neighbors are insane. Thank God, it’s been boring lately neighbor-wise.

There is something wrong in the mail-order universe. All the packages are going to the wrong places.

6/21/23 – Packages
So, one package arrived where we are. That’s good, because it’s our new credit cards. Are old number got stolen again, at a WalMart again.

The second package went to a campground in Michigan. Amazon gave us a refund for that one.

The third package got sent to a campground in Dayton. We’re going there tomorrow to pick it up. Such fun.