Tom Week - Weather Misfiring

The Mystic River

9/7/23 – Odd Hot
It’s only in the 80’s but it feels like 100. I have no energy.

We tried removing the air filter to see if that fixed the engine hesitation. Made it worse. Tomorrow I get to see if all the injectors are seated properly. Thank you internet for teaching me how.

9/8/23 – Let The Pros Handle It
On Monday we’re taking the RV to Dave’s Truck Repair, the folks who put in the rebuilt engine.

I’m having a bit of a breakdown because I haven’t been able to fix the engine myself. No, I’m not trained to fix large fuel-injected engines. That’s just the sort of thing that I imagine I should be able to do. That plus my family attitude of, I can do it myself! Only, this time, I can’t.

9/9/23 – Mystic Pizza
I finally got around to visiting the original Mystic Pizza. Julia Roberts wasn’t there.

9/10/23 – Tiring Drive
Tomorrow we take the RV to be looked at. I hope it’s an easy fix, cause driving it like this is no fun at all.

9/11/23 – RV fixed, for a while
So I tried something, and it worked. I rebooted the RV’s computer and it fixed the problem. But then, after a couple stops, the problem showed up again. At least I know now how to get rid of the symptom. Now I just need to track down the cause.

9/12/23 – Wiped!
We finally got a second windshield wiper for the RV. Should make driving in the rain much easier.

9/13/23 – Moose Watch
We are in the darkest, most deserted campground in all our years of Rving. I keep expecting a moose or Steven King to walk by. There are noises in the woods.