Tom Week- Weather Guilt

Weather Guilt

Today was in the 70’s. Nearly the whole week has been in the 70’s. I’ve ridden many miles over the last few days. All while family and friends in other parts of the country suffer through bad weather. I feel guilty. First because I know others are suffering. Second because I know a warm February is probably the result of global warming.

Finished School

Well, the first part. The second part doesn’t start till April and I won’t find out if I’m in the second part till April 17. That’s a long time. I have to decide what I’m going to do in the meantime. Probably work on the house. I’m also hoping to get some writing done. I keep coming up with ideas, and for the first time in a long time the ideas are all fitting together.

As Expected

Very restless today and no direction to run. I did a bunch of searches for online classes to fill the gap till April but found nothing of interest. I think the problem is that I’m looking for outside sources to fulfill inside needs.

An unfortunate side-affect is that my social anxiety is acting up and I was unable to go to a meetup of people from the class. I’m feeling old and stupid and smart all at once.

Spoiled Rotten

All this 70 degree weather has totally spoiled me. It was 58 degrees today and most years would be considered lovely weather for the middle of February. But it was too cold for me to ride. I am such a weather wimp.


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