Tom Week - Weather and Wrestling

eye infection

7/14/22 – No Wrestling

I went to a wrestling show. It wasn’t there. There was a sign on the door with a new location. I went there. The door person knew nothing of a wrestling show. I went to the bar next door and met the wrestlers who would be wrestling if there was a wrestling show. Apparently this was all the fault of some guy named Steve.

7/15/22 – The Ides Of July

Rode 12.4 miles today. Unfortunately, I rode at 2PM rather than Noon. At 2PM the shade on the North-South roads is pretty much non-existent. I didn’t notice this as I was heading south in plenty of shade. Then I turned north to head back home and noticed the lack of shade. Fortunately I had an extra bottle of Gatorade.

7/16/22 – Dirty Work

Seriously dirty work. I moved 15 gallons of human waste from the RV black water tank into Ann’s toilet. So much fun. So stinky.

7/17/22 – Less Dirty Work

Helping Ann and Jenn move stuff back from the Brimfield show. We did it in one trip. Hazzah!

7/18/22 – Rain and Banking

It rained.

Pat and I dad to go to the bank today to set the pins for our new ATM cards. We had to go in one at a time because Spencer has severe separation anxiety. 

Then it rained again.

7/19/22 – Discharged

Last night, after being knocked down yet again by Spencer, my phone stopped charging. I tried a couple different cables with no success. I found that it will charge slowly if I hold it upright with the cable attached at the top. Not a practical solution.

So I bought a wireless charger at WalMart. It was only 10 dollars. I should have spent more. Tomorrow I will go back and buy a better one. The cheap one will keep the charge from going down, but it is not able to make it go up.

7/20/22 – HOT!

Too hot for a metaphor.

I bought a more powerful wireless charger. It works. Fully charged.