Tom Week – Washington State


Wandered up the coast some more. Landed in Lincoln City.

This campground has more pop-up trailers than any campground I have ever seen. It’s pouring rain but all the people are hanging around outside. Apparently getting soaked with cold rain is better than being in a pop-up.

I was taking Abigail for a walk and she started barking like there was a dog but there was no dog. I took her over to show her there was no dog and we found a gravestone for a dog named Moe. Creepy.


Surprise sunshine today. I got a bike ride in and Tonya got to sit outside in her rocker for a while. It rained hard in the afternoon.


We are in Tillamook Oregon. The land of cheese. Also the land of RV parks that look much nicer on their websites than in real life. Fortunately there are many choices and we found a nice little park on the bay. The lady in charge was even nice enough to let us switch spots when our neighbors smoked us out.


Too windy to ride today so I spent most of the day getting my laptop up to date. Yes, I am that much the geek. Also did some laundry.

This morning I was walking Abigail and the bay had gone. At low tide it’s just a bunch of sandbars covered with people digging for clams.


Zoomed through Portland today. Not the kind of place you can explore in a day or two. We have reservations for Memorial Day Weekend up near Seattle. Stopped at a park on the north end of Vancouver Washington. Yeah, another state! It’s almost all residents here, but they had a cancellation so here we are.

Lesson: Never believe the No Vacancy sign.


Someone is watching over us. We had planned at staying in a city park tonight, but after a long search in Walmart I decided it wasn’t the night for adventure. So we moved on.

The next park was full. The one after that was a parking lot. Pat called ahead to one that sounded good and made a reservation. Turned out to be one of the prettiest parks we’ve ever seen. In the woods but with full hookups. Well, no cable TV, but that just helps it be even more quiet.


The quiet and the sunlight-blocking trees let us sleep till after 10 this morning. I could get used to this.

It’s much flatter here than I expected. A nice long bike ride and less than 200 feet of climbing.


Moose on a motorcycle
Tonya used to have the same stuffed moose.
the 45th parallel
Irving the bike. Half way between the equator and the north pole.
low tide
The bay at low tide
The bunny did not want his picture taken
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