Tom Week - WalMart et al

dog with new haircut

6/23/22 – WalMart et al.

We’re back to this again. In an ideal world I would put together a shopping list, go to the store and come home with everything I need. In reality, it would have taken three stores to get everything I needed today. I skipped the third store. I’ll do that tomorrow.

6/24/22 – Hunter Said It

Hunter Thompson once invented a Nixon quote, “Fuck The Doomed.” After today’s supreme court ruling, I expect the far-right asshole to be the doomed. We can dream.

Went to McDonalds today. On my way in a family was coming out and this young boy rubbed my belly. The family was so relieved when I laughed.

6/25/22 – Hamster Throat

Woke up today feeling like there was a hamster in my throat. Not pleasant. Feeling better now, but I’m sick of being sick.

6/26/22 – Slightly Better

Yeah, we’ve heard that one before. Doesn’t look like I’m going to hit my 100 mile riding goal for this month. Ah well, there shall be other months.

Pat saw a chipmunk in the woodpile, so all is not lost.

6/27/22 – Rainy Monday

It was one of those gray days stuck inside kind of days. Got a bunch of programming work done. I’m learning to create GUIs for Python programs. I know you don’t care but it’s important to me. I must keep learning.

6/28/22 – Water

Woke up feeling unwell. Felt better after I drank a bottle of water. Must have been dehydrated. 

This afternoon I was feeling unwell. Drank a bottle of water and felt better. You’d think I would learn.

6/29/22 – No Sleep

New and exciting symptoms. My sinuses have gone from runny to cement-filled. Terrible headache. This SO MUCH FUN!