Tom Week - Waiting In Other Places

where are the campers?

6/6/24 – Gilroy Was Here:
Back in Gilroy again. Not a great park but a good place to seek slideout repair, wait for packages and ride my bike.

6/7/24 – Wander Success
Some days you just have to say, “Where does that road go?” Then find out. Did ten miles of barely knowing where I was going. Fun.

6/8/24 – Garlic Land
Wound up riding by bike through the garlic fields then right past the garlic factory. My sinuses have never been clearer.

6/9/24 – Amazon Guy!
Packages, glorious packages. One was a new light for my bike. It’s six times as bright as the old one. Safe to ride at night again. The second package was the last few bits and pieces needed to fix the leaky old water pump. Guess what I’m doing tomorrow.

6/10/24 – Water Day
It turns out that I do actually know how to change an RV water pump. And, I have parts left over. Always the sign of a successful project. Unfortunately my impostor syndrome keeps telling my something will go wrong. So far, it’s wrong. Wrong about being wrong? That’s right!

Oh yeah, it’s the RV water pump I fixed. Not the engine water pump.

6/11/24 – Nearly Too Hot
We were inches away from 100 degrees today. I road my bike before it got that hot though.

6/12/24 – Less Hot
Moved to Moss Landing. The high today here was 56. Much cooler than yesterday.