Tom Week - Waiting For What

full moon

8/31/23 – No Ride
I started getting ready to ride my bike, but found myself dizzy. Bicycles and dizzy are an unpleasant mix. I checked my blood and I was near 300. (For me 140 is normal, over 180 is bad and over 250 is dangerous.) So no ride. By supper, I was down near normal again.

9/1/23 – Labor Day Weekend
Walgreens finally got my prescription right, and insurance even paid for it. Fun stuff.

9/2/23 – On The Corner
We are in spot L-1, right on the corner of the main road through the campground. We get to watch the parade of campers arriving and leaving, and all the kids running and riding back and forth.

9/3/23 – Witch Trials
I’ve got an audition coming up for a part in a workshop of a play about the Salem Witch Trials. Could be fun. 

9/4/23 – Adventures In Shopping
Today in WalMart I saw a man buying Fresca, and yes, he was wearing a toupee. Another item marked off on my consumer bingo card.

9/5/23 – Fish and Chips
I love riding my bike to go get food, but haven’t done it in a while and forgot to hook up my big bike bag. So, I had to carry Pat’s fish and chips in one hand and steer the bike with the other. 

As I pulled into the campground there was a man standing in the road who seemed happy to see to me. As I passed him he said, “Door Dash?” I said, “No. This is mine. You can’t have it.” He didn’t laugh.

9/6/23 – Pat To The Rescue
We’ve been having a slight problem with the RV’s engine. Pat posted on an RV forum asking for advice. We now have a bunch of things to try. Oh Boy!