Tom Week - Waiting For The Call(sheets)


9/14/23 – Covered Bridge Numbers
Did you know that every covered bridge in New Hampshire has a number? I did not. Today I crossed and got pictures of numbers 2,4 and 5. Tomorrow’s bike route should take me past numbers 3 and 6. There are 50. I won’t be crossing them all.

9/15/23 – The Email
Yes, the email. The one I’ve been waiting for. The beginning of the scheduling for the film shoot. It may happen as soon as late next week, whatever that might mean.

Warning; When the road is called Christian Hill Road, they mean it! However, there was no cross at top as I expected.

9/16/23 – Zombie Day
My brain is not functioning today. Too many plans crashing together. It will all be fine, but I am required to worry about things.

9/17/23 – Gardner
Today our journey took us through Gardner, MA. We got there just in time to drive down the Centennial Parade route before they closed it. Pat and I waved at the spectators, confusing the hell out of them.

Stopped for lunch at the Gardner McDonald’s. I remember when it first opened. Man, I’m old. 

While in Gardner the ghost of my father insisted that I stop and buy a new air filter at Autozone. I’ve been looking, but nobody has had the right one. Well, this Autozone did. I installed it and the RV runs happier now. Thanks Dad.

Also, there was a dead porcupine in the road today. I know know what that portends.

9/18/23 – Rainy Day Nothingness
Rained all day. Dreary. Got a revised script for the movie I’m in. Practiced my southern accent. It’s getting less worse.

9/19/23 – Rental Car Follies
I had reserved a rental car with one company. They called a couple hours ahead of pickup and said they had no cars. I reserved a car with another company. They had one vehicle left, and mid-size SUV. I took it. Neither place could explain why so many people were renting cars in Worcester this week.

9/20/23 – Down That Road
Riding my bike today, I gave in to the urge to see where “that” road went. It was a beautiful ride, but brought the hillclimb total to 1,100 feet. A new record. Worn out.