Tom Week – Visualization

Change Visualization

There are big changes coming in my life. Last night while meditating was the first time I clearly saw these changes as reality. They are going to happen. The risks are real. The potential rewards are real. I am at peace with the changes and energized to make them happen.

What was I thinking?

Sometimes when you read yesterday’s writing you have to wonder, what was wrong with me? I sat down to do a second draft on a very short story I wrote and found it lacking a few things. Things like plot, character, engagement and believability. Minor details.

update: The horrible piece of crap I wrote turned out pretty good. Yes, it was as bad as I said, but all it needed was a complete change of scene, character, plot and conclusion. So what started out as a story about mysterious trucks taking place in the 1940’s, becomes a story about fake news in 2017, inspired by a racist newspaper from the 1920’s.

It needs at least one more draft, then I will publish it here.

Great Bike Ride

Twelve miles in the sunshine on a Sunday in the park. So nice.


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