Tom Week - VB Hangin

big shell

3/2/23 – Rental Car Day (part 6)
Swapped the Suburau Outback for a Chrysler Pacifica mini van. The seats are much more comfortable, are heated, and the van rides like a marshmallow.

3/3/23 – Not A Rental Car Day
Hazzah! It did rain all day. If we didn’t have to pick up a package at FedEx we might have stayed in all day. 

4/4/23 – Nice Day
Warmish and sunny today. Got out for lunch. Was going to go race the go karts, but the vibes weren’t right.

4/5/23 – Race Day
Got to watch two car races today. I love our little apartment on the ocean, but we only have 12 channels on the TV, so I’ve missed many of the televised car races over the last few weeks.

4/6/23 – Rental Car Day (part 7)
Exchanged the mini van for a pickup truck. Let’s hope this is the last one.

4/7/23 – Rental Car Day (part 8)
It is done. We have a vehicle that meets all are needs. Time to sleep.

4/8/23 – Hangin Out
Got a bunch of work done on my next animation. Too cold and windy to go outside. Mac and cheese for dinner. Yum.