Tom Week – UPS heroes

9/12/19 – UPS Hurrah

“The” UPS package came today. Will can sleep better tonight.

Did some laundry, including my cycling clothes. Pat’s prayers have been answered.

Wrote a whole bunch on what I’m now daring to call my new novel. It’s a glorious mess. So far I’m able to not self-censor so it’s going quickly. Rewrites will be extensive.

9/13/19 – Feme la Lune

A full moon on Friday the 13th. Got a lot of writing today. It will be a book. Maybe not a novel, but a collection of short stories with all the same characters.

Pat’s leg is slowly healing. We may be able to get back on the road in a few days.

9/14/19 – Blood on the Rug

Abigail has a growth between her tail and her anus. We found it by following the trail of blood she left around the RV. Took her to the vet. It’s not dangerous but we are having it removed on Monday unless the vet can’t fit her in.

Pat’s leg is part better, part worse. No fever, so that’s a good sign.

9/15/19 – Better

Pat’s leg is much better today. Hazzah!

Went for a wonderful wander on the bike. Just took roads on a whim. Much fun. I need to do more rides like that.

9/16/19 – Good day for Abigail

Went to a new vet today to arrange surgery. After several hours they looked at her and don’t think she needs surgery. Hazzah again! Now maybe I can stop worrying and get some sleep.

9/17/19 – Happy Furniture

For the first time we got to witness Ann and Jenn transforming a pile of junk into a beautiful piece of furniture. Amazing.

9/18/19 – Dented Roof

Returned the rental car and they found two little dents on the roof. No idea how they got there. Online stories suggest it’s a scam but without evidence I had to call my insurance company. Bummer.


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