Tom Week - TX to AZ

tarantula sign

2/24/22 – Weather Man Lies

The guy on TV last night said it would hit 68 today. The real high was 58. Sad.

2/25/22 – Into The West

Don’t tell them I said so, but east Texas is pretty much a mashup of the midwest and the south. Today we passed into west Texas which really is the west. 

We had our picture taken many times today. Two at permanent border patrol inspection sites. Once on a bridge. Twice more at make-shift sites. If anyone in a yellow Winnebago commits a crime we’re in trouble.

2/26/22 – Empty Sunshine

It looks like it should be hot out. The sun is shining, but it’s cold. One more day of this and it going to get warm again. Or so “they” say.

2/27/22 – Weird West Texas

People in Austin think they live in a weird place. They have never been to Alpine or Marfa. The outdoor art in Marfa alone is worth the trip. My favorite was the fake Prada store in the middle of nowhere.

2/28/22 – Across The West

We started the day in West Texas. We are now in New Mexico, twenty miles for the Arizona border. Tomorrow Tucson. That will bring us to lower elevations which should improve Pat’s breathing and blood pressure. 

3/1/22 – Ooops

apparently I didn’t hit that last button because the KOA in Tucson didn’t have my reservation. They also had no empty spots. I took five tries but I finally found an RV park with a spot. It’s just across the highway from downtown Tucson. 

This park is pretty much a parking lot, but the manager is very nice and gave me maps of the bike routes in the area. The first person we saw when we pulled in was a guy wearing a khaki kilt, so we knew we were home.

3/2/22 – Hot Weather

So nice to be able to wear a single layer of clothes. Did 13 miles on Tucson’s wonderful bike trails. Such fun.