Tom Week – or two, or three – visualize

Visualize an empty house

They say that if you can visualize something you can make it come true. Working in the cottage today I was able for the first time to picture it completely empty. Let’s hope they are right.

Well that didn’t last long

Despite saying I was going to take time off from learning, I started a new class this week. I think I’m addicted. I keep thinking about going for a masters degree, but I don’t think I have the focus to make it happen. My style is more bits-and-pieces. Picking on a whim my next direction.

Working on RV

Got to spend a day working on the RV. I replaced the two vents and added vent covers so that we can leave the vents open when driving. I get so macho when I use power tools.

Getting sick

So this update is a few weeks late. Pat and I picked up a nasty virus that’s going around. Fortunately Tonya managed to avoid it. It destroyed all my momentum for working on the house, taking classes and generally working on myself.

Tati Movie

I finally got around to watching a Jacques Tati movie. A sad admission for a film freak like myself. I came across PLAY TIME on the movie site I access through the public library. It both met and avoided my expectations.

Tati’s use of slapstick and pathos tends to put him in the same category as Charley Chaplain. But for me, Tati’s pacing is more like Chaplain on Valium.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie with just two issues. The tiny screen on my tablet did no justice to the cinematography. Also, many of the jokes fell flat for me. That’s not a fault of the movie as much as my lack of knowledge of French culture in the 60’s.

The biggest surprise in the movie was the opening credits. Turns out that Art Buchwald was responsible for the English dialogue. Wonderful.

Random Thoughts

As a writer I need to learn to think outside the desk.

Power corrupts, but solar power corrupts cleanly.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the third act of a one act play.

Writing is like confessing to a false prophet who offers no absolution.

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