Tom Week – Tucson to Winterhaven

11/26/20 – Strange Angels

The strange angels are here in Tucson and looking out for me. Before my bike ride today I told Pat that I was going for a shorter ride. I wasn’t sure why I said that, and neither was Pat.

After a few miles I realized that I was wearing the wrong shoes. I have these stiff-soled bike shoes that make pedaling easier. Instead I had on my soft sneakers. I figured that was the reason and turned around early to prevent my feet from hurting.

Then I got back to the RV and checked my blood sugar as usual. I was right on the lower edge. Had I gone another five miles I might have bonked.

11/27/20 – Picacho and Ostriches

We are in Picacho, which isn’t pronounced anywhere near how you think it should be, and just down down the road from the ostrich farm, where you can feed and pet the ostriches, then go the gift shop and buy ostrich jerky. Not many petting zoos have a kill zone.

11/28/20 – The Plot

I’m working on learning the animation program Blender. I built a character and programmed him to walk and turn and pick things up. So I wanted to create a video showing off his capabilities. It wasn’t a story, just some coordinated moving about. Then, as I finished the storyboard script, I realized that there was a plot after all. I just never realized how menacing an empty box could be.

11/29/20 – Gila Bend

Yes, I’m serious. We are in a town called Gila Bend. It is in the middle of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. You look out at the terrain and you can almost smell the snakes and scorpions.

11/30/20 – The End of November

This was the month where I shed my dread. The downward spiral of doom will end. I’m still obsessed with the news, watching the damage that can still be done, but the fear fades with his every failure.

Also, I had a good bike ride today, despite a strong wind. I only need another 75 miles to make it 1500 miles for the year. That’s 400 miles over my last best year.

12/1/20 – Accidental Californian

We drove past several RV parks in Yuma. None of them met our fairly lenient standards. We finally found a very nice, and rather cheap park just across the Colorado River, which surprisingly put us in California. Not really a problem except for the unexpected time change.

So we find ourselves a quarter mile from Arizona and two miles from Mexico. We are picking up as many Mexican TV stations as American, and all but two of the American stations are in Spanish.


Author: Tom
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