Tom Week – Trump

Trump is mentally ill

Seriously. Have you read the news about Trump yelling at his television during the Russia hearings. Then he lashes out by firing the FBI director. These are not the actions of a sane person.

On a related note regarding the hearings; I would not want Sally Yates mad at me.

Bike clearance

Today is the day I start cleaning out all by bike parts. They have no place in my plans for the immediate future. I’m keeping the tools but the parts have to go. It’s a bit sad, but I’ll feel better when they’re gone.

Dad’s Car

My father got his stolen car back. The car was stolen on March 29. It was towed, from a few blocks from dad’s house, on April 1 or 3. The keys were in it. The car was parked in a snow zone, which is why it was towed. This week, in May, they sent dad the parking ticket. Hilarity and happiness ensued.

Apparently the Worcester police computer consists of multi-colored 3×5 cars that are only collated every other month.

Cleaning House

Today I put all the bike parts out on the sidewalk and took a huge load to Goodwill. (Thanks to my helper.) Unlike the first load there was no sense of loss. I am glad to be rid of it all and look forward to getting rid of more.

update: Nearly all the big stuff is gone. All that’s left is a rusty girl’s frame, some greasy bits and a perfectly good wheel with a flip flop hub.

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