Tom Week - Trends


2/3/22 – Annoying Rain

The rain keeps coming and going. Just about when I think I might be able to get a bike ride in, the rain comes back. Though there is a huge storm that is just missing us, so I shouldn’t complain.

2/4/22 – Not Right

The high temperature to day was lower than the low temperature last night. It was 43 degrees when I got up to walk the dog about 2AM. At 6AM it was 39. At noon 41. At 5PM 34. This is not right!

Along the gulf coast people are not the stereotypical friendly southern folk. They are hyper-friendly southern folk. Everyone one we meet is our new best friend. It’s amazing.

2/5/22 – Sunny Day

It’s still pretty cold, but sunny. When it hit 50 I decided to go for a bike ride. So nice to be wheeling about again, but I should have used my asthma inhaler BEFORE I rode in the cold wind. Still, it felt good.

2/6/22 – Warmer

Yes, ever so slightly warmer. Ladies and gentlemen we have a trend. A good trend. A warming trend. By the time we get to Texas it will be near 70, and the gas will be cheap.

Another cold bike ride today. My lungs did better though. I almost got a picture of a woodpecker.

2/7/22 – Accidental Mardi Gras

Oddly, we landed in New Orleans. I had planned to go to Baton Rouge, but the KOA in New Orleans is cheaper than the one in Baton Rouge. Then, on arrival, we find that tonight is the first of nearly a month of Mardi Gras parades. How did we get a spot? I don’t know.

2/8/22 – On The Levy

There is a bike trail that runs along the Mississippi River. It’s on top of the levy so you get a great view. Despite the wind and cold I was still able to do 13 miles.

2/9/22 – Still Trending Up

A little warmer every day. A couple more days I’ll be able to ride my bike without my sweats.