Tom Week - Travelling

teddy bear on side of road

4/13/23 – Hot Days
According to the news in Baltimore, this was nearly a record hot day. Baltimore is 120 miles away, but it’s the closest news station available on Roku.

Managed a four mile bike ride today. My legs don’t hurt nearly as much as after the two mile ride. On the ride I went past Secretariat’s birthplace.

4/14/23 – Back in VB
We’ve got three days at the KOA in Virginia Beach. It’s very full here.

If you sent me email and I did not respond, please resend. My email server had a problem.

4/15/23 – Plumbing Done
This time it’s done correctly. The right parts. The right tools. Everything works if you let it.

Six mile bike ride today. Flat. Easy.

4/16/23 – Fire People Exodus
Last night a bunch of people made fires. Or, a bunch of people made a bunch of stinky smoke last night. Fortunately, most of them left this morning. Tonight is much less smokey.

Eight miles on the bike today. Approaching normality once again.

4/17/23 – Back Roads
Not too hot today. Took the scenic root from Virginia Beach to Enfield NC. Lots of swamps, beaver dams and one dead eagle beside the road. No gators yet though.

4/18/23 – There’s Wind Here
Windy bike ride today, but I did manage to pass a vehicle on the road. That rarely happens. It was like a dump truck on tank tracks. Weird, noisy and slow.

There’s no cable TV here and there’s nothing but PBS over the air so we’re watching the Roku. Literally thousands of channels and almost impossible to find something watchable. We’re watching a silly old episode to Dr. Who. Fun, but the novelty is wearing off.

Turns out the Dr. Who episode was written by Douglas Adams.

4/19/23 – Weather Follies
That said it would be 73 today. It was 88. Wrong again.