Tom Week - Travel Round

traffic jam

8/10/23 – Mystical
Today we drove past the Mystic Seaport. Went there several times in my sea scout days. Overwhelmed with nostalgia right now.

8/11/23 – Movie Night
Tonight I went to the premiere of MATTRESS EXPRESS. It was fun seeing myself on the big screen, and both shots I’m in got laughs. I was surprised though that it wasn’t like magic. We spent so much time making what flashed by in just a few seconds, that it seemed so familiar.

8/12/23 – Bonnie Is A Good Dog
I went for a bike ride and when I got back the neighbor’s dog was tied up to our picnic table. The neighbor’s truck was gone, but their dog was here. Pat informed me that we were dog sitting. 

8/13/23 – Exodus
When you’re in one of the overnighter’s rows at an RV park on a Sunday morning all your neighbors abandon you. Nine o’clock – full campground. Noon – wasteland. At least with everyone gone the WIFI gets better. I miss Bonnie though.

8/14/23 – Traveling Near, Not Far
I had to wait for my pills to be ready at Walgreens, so we found a campground only 20 miles away. 

8/15/23 – The Hills, The Hills
I set out to do a shorter bike ride today. I wanted to go to a funky factory town, but changed my mind when I saw that it would be all uphill on the way back. Then, while barely noticing, I would up climbing 850 feet. 

It’s OK. Our next stop is by the beach and flat for many miles.

8/16/23 – Back At The Point
This park isn’t that great. Unlevel sites, no WIFI, no cable TV, but you can smell the ocean and see the gulls. Just for two days, but it’s nice while it lasts.