Tom Week - Tourist Time

sign advertising Casey IL

5/5/22 – Cinco de Tulsa

Storms came and went today. Slowly morphing into a just a cloudy day. Spencer is really annoyed that the grass continues to be wet. 

5/6/22 – The Big Red Barn

A beautiful park with loud birds and many squirrels. There are no tornadoes scheduled for our visit to the four state area. We are right at the corner of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Quite a motley crew of states if you ask me. Missouri claims to be in the midwest, but we know it’s the south.

5/7/22 – Carthage Ahoy

Yeah Bike Ride! I rode to and around downtown Carthage Missouri. It’s a funky place with evidence of wealth and poverty mixed side by side. It seems that is was once poverty but is being randomly gentrified.  Anyway, Saturday in Carthage is when you mow the lawn and have yard sales. 

5/8/22 – Jesse James

We are about 100 yards from the Jesse James Wax Museum. It is right next to a long-closed toy truck museum. As you might guess, we are about 200 yards from the remnants of Route 66. 

5/9/22 – Popcorn And Cookies

Nowhere else in the universe does the guy from the office come to your RV offering freshly-baked cookies and hot popcorn. We like it here.

I took a short bike ride today. Short because the 300 foot high hill wore me out. It was fun going down, but no fun coming back up. 

5/10/22 – The Biggest

We are in Casey Illinois, the home of many of the largest things in the world. Wind Chimes, Golf Tee, Pitchfork and many more. Twelve in total with two former biggest, now second biggest. This is all the work of a local artist.

Other than the big stuff, Casey is typical farm land.

5/11/22 – Sad Tourism

I took a bike ride this morning and took pictures of many of the town’s biggest things. Most of them were disappointing. The rocking chair was huge, and the fact that it actually rocks was impressive. My favorite was the giant mailbox.

The sad part was the tourist couple from Tennessee. They had walked around downtown and got pictures of all the giant stuff when the wife noticed that each piece had a plaque with scripture on it. So she had to go back to each piece and got pictures of the scriptures. Hubby was not having fun.