Tom Week – Tote Bag

I got a free tote bag

I finally got around to making an appointment to see my new doctor. Because of my extended unemployment I got new insurance. My old doctor doesn’t take this insurance. So, new doctor. She seems nice, listened and didn’t seem rushed. And, as a new patient, got free tote bag with the medical group’s logo on the side.

Amazing progress

All the pieces of the move are falling into place. One obstacle after another has toppled this week. We have a park for the RV. We’ll live there till closing, then hit the road. We’ve got mail forwarding in the works. Moving most things to email. Getting excited and scared.

Not writing, reading or riding

No time. I’m even starting to question if I have time for school. I spent most of yesterday rebuilding a toilet. I’ve done it many times before but in the case it’s in an inaccessible location. Sort of limbo plumbing.

Random Thoughts

When I told my wife that Haight Street reeked of pot smoke, she laughed at me.

I created a playlist on Amazon Music that alternates between darkwave songs and Jim Gaffigan routines. Disturbing.

Whiskey, wine and chocolate. Some people know how to live.

I just had to agree to the new privacy policy at my own web site. Does that mean I’m doing something right?

My new favorite anachronism, “Sounds like a job for the 3×5 cards!”

What, in your opinion, is the least interesting prime number?

Author: Tom
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