Tom Week – What todo?

I love todo lists.

I just don’t love doing the things on the list. I’m a much better planner than doer. It’s not that I’m lazy. I just always load my lists with way too many things. Every so often I have to go in and remove the stuff that doesn’t actually need doing. This is mostly the “if I had some spare time I’d like to…” stuff.

My trigger for cleaning up my list is when I have more than 50 undone tasks. This morning I had 53. Now I have 28, and nothing essential was removed.

Passport Photos

You think your driver’s license photo is bad? Get a passport photo at Walgreens. Instead of the camera adding 10 pounds, theirs added at least 10 years.

Driving Downtown

I drove a car through downtown San Francisco at rush hour yesterday. I was helping a friend pick up a heavy package. The traffic was so bad. I envied all the people on bicycles who went zooming by.

Cleaning out the house

Made huge progress today, thanks to Chester. Nearly all the donation stuff is out of the cottage. The back room is now much emptier. We dragged out all the old vacuum cleaners. Tomorrow I start on the attic. YeeHaw!


Photo by Newtown grafitti

Author: Tom
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