Tom Week - To Vermont

wooden moose

7/27/23 – Got It
I’m going to be in an actual movie. A real movie. The kind people outside film festivals see. I play a guy who sells a hearse to the lead character. So, basically, myself.

7/28/23 – Not Baseball Land
We are in the Cooperstown KOA, which is not in Cooperstown. It is three towns north of Cooperstown. There is a cornfield here, but this ain’t Iowa. I wonder how many men named Abner live around here.

7/29/23 – No air conditioning
So the first time we try to actually use the RV’s air condition, it does not blow cold. The fan is working, but apparently the compressor is not. Back to the wiring board.

We stopped for lunch at a McDonalds. We did not eat there because it was too gross-looking. That’s a first.

7/30/23 – Lake George
Rode the bike to Lake George today. It was a nice trip through nicely-shaded bike trails. However, after the ride I noticed that I had climbed 666 feet. This is the second time this has happened.

7/31/23 – Vermont
This is our first visit to Vermont since we started full-timing. We’re in a very nice campground where it rains on the back of the RV, but not the front.

8/1/23 – Full Moon
There are two full moons tonight. I’ll have to find a clear spot in the trees to see it. We have quite the canopy here.

Today’s bike ride was only 10.6 miles, but had over 700 feet of climbing. A new record.

8/2/23 – Not Anchor Steam!
First Paul Reubens dies, now Anchor Steam is gone. Made in San Francisco, it WAS my second favorite beer, After Mickey’s of course. Being away from San Francisco I wasn’t paying attention. In 2017 they started putting it in cans. Sacrilege! Steam beer does not live in cans. Apparently the world agreed with me.