Tom Week - To The Falls

Niagara Falls

7/13/23 – Nicest Park Guy Ever
In the fancier RV parks a person in a golf cart leads you to your site. Today, the guy led us to our assigned site, but decided it wasn’t very good, so took us to a flatter site right next to the showers. Very nice.

7/14/23 – Fireflies
Round here you have to be careful to open and close the door swiftly, or like us, you’ll let the fireflies in. Fortunately, they’re not good at hiding and I was able to catch and release them outside.

7/15/23 – No Sleep
My ability to worry about things over which I have no control is staggering. If there were Olympics for wasted mental energy I’d be in medal contention. 

7/16/23 – Niagara Falls Adjacent
We are near Niagara Falls at a KOA. We started in space 45, but the neighbors had a smoke bomb going. We asked at the desk and they moved us to space 41, only I misread the sign and we’re in space 42. Tomorrow I have to go to the office and see if that’s OK.

7/17/23 – Flat Lands
After the hills of West Virginia and Pennsylvania it’s nice to be in the flat lands. Went for a long bike ride and was much less tired than after recent rides. They also have nice bike lanes and wide shoulders, making riding much safer.

7/18/23 – Shopping
Today I strapped on the extra bike bag and half way through my ride I stopped at the grocery store. Just a few things. With some creative packing I got it all into the bag. When I finished I noticed the cart guy watching me. He shook his head and walked away.

7/19/23 – Niagara Falls
Today I rode my bike to Niagara Falls, a 25 mile round trip. Fortunately, it was almost all up hill on the way there, so it was almost all down hill on the way back. Unfortunately, there were so many people near the falls that I froze and got away from them as soon as possible. I have to spend more time around people.