Tom Week - To Pismo

bunny clam

3/14/24 – Avoiding The Wind
Well, the worst of it anyway. We went from near Palm Springs north to Barstow, where the wind was only 20 MPH. Had we gone west, we would have hit 80 MPH gusts. Trees and trucks toppled. Not fun.

3/15/24 – Rain in Barstow
Lots of off-roaders in the park. Not a good day for such, but they did it anyway. They brought back a whole heap of mud.

3/16/24 – Another Flat
This time there was some kind of metal stuck into the tire. Once again we were lucky. We were parked in a safe place and there was a tire guy just five miles away.

Barstow was 47 when we left. Bakersfield was 76 when we arrived. Much better.

3/17/24 – So-called St. Patrick’s Day
I just found out, thanks Jane, that the “snakes” St. Patrick drove out of Ireland were the pagans and witches. For this we drink green beer?

Also, did you know that The Beatles did drugs? I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

3/18/24 – The Bunny Clam
Back in Pismo Beach for four days. There is a giant clam at the entrance to this park, which they’ve decorated as a bunny. Clever.

3/19/24 – Ocean Fog
It’s been a long time since I’ve smelled the ocean in the fog. After the initial joy I was made to remember how cold and icky ocean fog can be.

3/20/24 – Waiting List
I reserved a rental car for today, but they called and said they’d overbooked, so I’m on the waiting list. Maybe tomorrow. The problem when you’re in a town with only one rental place.