Tom Week – TJs Last Ride

Last Ride for TJ

TJ took his last ride to the vet today. He stopped eating. He was vomiting. He was shitting brown water. His eyes showed pain and desperation. It was time.

First School Project

Thursday I submitted my first graded project for school. I’m nervous for pretty much no reason at all. The task was to create a portfolio page that renders correctly on laptops, tablets and phones. Piece of cake. (Unless I missed some detail? Oh crap, what did I forget?)

Weekend in the RV

Super relaxed. Getting almost nothing done.

Project Update

My project got rejected! I missed two tiny details. Oh the horror. It will take me nearly ten minutes to fix. I will recover from this tragedy.

Weird Blood Sugar Drop

Late Friday night I was laying in bed and I started sweating for now reason, and felt fatigued. I got up and checked my blood sugar. It was 64. For me, anything below 100 is bad. I’ve never had my glucose drop that much while at rest. Scared me, though I later realized that I missed my evening snack.

Project Update Update

It actually took me 15 minutes to make the fixes. I’m not counting the additional 20 minutes I spent because I forgot to clear the browser cache.

Rex Update

He’s doing better. Tomorrow we try the new lower dose meds. Pray for solid BMs.

Project Update Update Update

My project passed the second review!

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