Tom Week - Tired Again

new tire

4/11/24 – Information Day
80 degrees today. 60 tomorrow. Went for a long bike ride. Got to meet several of the neighbors. We’re parked next to the unofficial social director. Met people from Iowa. 

4/12/24 – Chores Day
Taxes and laundry. 

4/13/24 – Rained All Day
Stuck inside and got a whole lot of work done. Finished the tutorial on rust. That’s the programming language, not the oxidized metal. Next up is tcl/tk. 

Worked on my most complex animation I’ve done with the new program. Also, wrote a program to match resolution and frame rate for videos from different sources. That will clean up the glitches I experienced in the last few videos.

4/14/24 – The magic flat tire
At walmart, after shopping, I noticed that the new right rear tire had no air. Since we have duel tires I was able to limp to the tire place. They don’t do RVs. So I limped to another tire place. They don’t do RVs either. All the others are closed on Sunday, so we limped to the RV park, where I noticed that the tire had more air than before. It’s still low, but not as low as it was.

4/15/24 – The Ides of April
I forgot to write today’s entry. Sorry.

4/16/24 – Tire Search
After a nice long bike ride I got back to reality and called a bunch of places about getting the low tire replaced. The first two places never answered the phone. The third place I got so random mechanic who said he didn’t know anything about tires. The fourth place has the tire I need in stock. Going there tomorrow.

4/17/24 – Tire Fix
We limped over to the tire place and the guy gave us an almost new one. Yeah! One less thing to worry about.