Tom Week - Time Slips

another great fruit stand

6/13/24 – So Many Dogs
There are many dogs here. Tonya and I went for a walk and one of them tried very hard to get Tonya to pet it. Very cute.

6/14/24 – So Many Kids
It’s Friday and the park filled up with kids today, and they all have e-bikes. Zoom!

The guy next to us drinks way too much and has a trophy wife from Lithuania. What can I say, he’s a chatty drunk. She changes her clothes every 90 minutes or so. This is going to be a fun weekend.

6/15/24 – Ride Little Boy
This afternoon I did 12 miles on the bike and wound up climbing my new favorite hill. It was long, but not too steep, and a great ride back down. Later I did 6 miles going to Phil’s for food. My knees are annoyed with me.

6/16/24 – Back 2 Gilroy
Outside the Subway next to Safeway there was a crazy guy asking for money and singing Delta Dawn at the top of his lungs. Not a great voice but I had to admire his commitment to the accusatory nature of the song.

There’s an RV group here at the park called the Happy Wanderers. Apparently a requirement for the men is to have a really messed up back. Not one of them can stand up straight. (They also seem unaware of the SCTV Happy Wanderers. Ah well.)

6/17/24 – Precrastination
That’s when you have something to do that you so don’t want to deal with that you actually plan how you are going to procrastinate. What task you ask? None of your business.

6/18/24 – Postcrastination
OK, so I was stressed about getting the slide out fixed. Today I talked to the repair place, and the fix would require the RV to sit in their shop for an unspecified number of days. With our current medical appointment schedule, we can’t do that. So the slide out gets fixed after the operation.

Trump stock had a bad day today. The SEC approved the company to sell a bunch more stock, making the existing stock much less valuable. In response, people are dumping the stock. Donald can’t sell his stock till September. Should be down to single digits by then.

6/19/24 – Forgotten Habits
Tomorrow we are going back to the quarry. After I made the reservation I realized that I hadn’t checked the weather. What triggered this realization was a weather report warning of 100+ weather. Seems though that I lucked out. Highs in the 70’s most of our stay. Whew.