Tom Week - Those Darn Dinos


2/10/22 – A New Annoyance

We’ve been doing this RV thing for a long time. There are sometimes annoyances like traffic, airports, late-night parties, barking dogs, rabid monkeys, etc.. Today though we have one that we never could have anticipated, the roar of dinosaurs.

We are down the street from an animatronic dinosaur tourist trap that has greatly amplified dinosaur noises. Fortunately, they only run from 9-5. 

When we arrived the cable hookup didn’t work. Rich the security guy brought us a giant long cable and plugged us in to the post next door. That worked. Rather than have us move he called the office and told them not to put anybody in the next space.

2/11/22 – The Wrong Green Line

Went for a bike ride today. Planned my route using Google Maps. Mistake. On the maps it showed a nice dark green line, indicating a paved off-road bicycle path. Like in New Orleans, it appeared to be on top of a levee. 

It was on top of a levee, but instead of a paved bike path there was a pot-holed gravel road with a huge no trespassing sign, threatening a $1000 fine. Fortunately, at the base of the levee was a nice smooth paved road with almost no traffic.

Don’t trust everything you see on the internet.

2/12/22 – Lame Car Show

There was a car show up the street so I stopped by on my bike ride. As I rode there a string of cool cars passed me, going away from the car show. Turns out there was a much bigger car show, with cash prizes, was taking place in Lafayette this afternoon. So the locals made an appearance they took off.

Tonight it’s cold and windy again. Sub-freezing temps expected overnight. Here we go again.

2/13/22 – Texas

Gas is cheaper here. See, it’s not all bad. This park is much more attractive than the last. Relaxing. No dinosaurs.

2/14/22 – New Pedals

The bearing casing in my pedals have been making bad noise for a while. I finally got around to replacing them. The bad noise is gone now, but there is another bad noise I hadn’t noticed. Fortunately, it was just the cranks settling. A couple turns of the wrench and problem solved.

2/15/22 – Austin Adjacent

We are technically in Austin Texas, but there is no evidence of this. It’s dark, quiet and meadowy here. Not the city of expectation. 

2/16/22 – Not A Moose

Seriously, it looked like a moose. It was far away, through the trees, but it looked like a moose. Eventually it came to the closer pasture and we say that it was a brown longhorn. So, not a moose.

I hate that it’s so warm and I can’t ride my bike. Too much traffic and no shoulder on the only road out of here. Bummer.

Full moon tonight.