Tom Week - Things Change

horses on the beach

2/16/23 - #@$%
We called to to get an exact date for our RV to be done. Turns out that the crate that our new engine came in was labeled wrong. It wasn’t our engine. Wrong size. We’re hoping that the people who were expecting that engine got ours by mistake, otherwise it’s back to square one.

2/17/23 – There are no beds!
You walk into a hotel room and you expect there to be beds. That’s one of the primary purposes of having a hotel room. We did eventually find that we are in a suite where there is a separate bedroom. It was hiding behind the open front door. We were much relieved.

Fuddrucker’s has my favorite steak sandwich. They just do.

2/18/23 – Virginia is for heaters
It cold. Winter cold. We’ll do outside things tomorrow. It didn’t stop other people though. The beach was full all day with walkers, joggers, dogs and horses.

2/19/23 – Real Shopping
We went to a chain restaurant for lunch, but we forgot it was Sunday and was way to crowded. We wound up a this little strip mall diner with wonderful food and great people watching.

Then, since we have a real kitchen, we went to the grocery store and bought real food. Later Pat made chicken noodle soup!

2/20/23 – Decisions
Where shall we go next? South to the warmth? North to the family? Sit still? We’re currently in the best hotel we’ve been in this whole trip. We like it here. Why not stay for a while?

2/21/23 – When Good Food Goes Bad
Went to one of my favorite fastish food places today. Afterwards my insides fell out, and not in the good way. Going to skip that place for a while.

We’ve decided to stay here for at least another week. The ocean is too nice to quit right now.

2/22/23 – Staying Put
So we’re actually staying in Virginia Beach for another two weeks. Then we’ll head for Worcester. Tomorrow it’s going to be 80 here. Darn weather.